Mobileye auto industry against Google’s secret weapon

every morning, Amnon · sand book (Amnon Shashua) sub work takes about 20 minutes to arrive at his office in Jerusalem drive. This journey is not too bad, especially his car will handle the most trivial task.


"I let go of the steering wheel and let the car go by myself," said sandy, 56, "that’s interesting." Interesting, but not completely without worry. "Still have a high level of attention." He said.

as co founder of the assistant driver software provider Mobileye, Sha Book anyone is more aware of the need to further improve the technology of automatic driving car.

when driving on the highway, if you meet certain conditions, technology can be put into practical automatic driving system Autopilot Tesla has proved this point: this system is based on the Mobileye software as the core, the automatic driving system of Audi and Cadillac is the same.

but if you change into a complex urban road, such as entering the roundabout, the car can not cope with the car. The pace of development of artificial intelligence beyond all expectations of the automotive industry, is helping to solve this problem, but even so, perhaps even 10 years to let the car become smart enough, can automatically run in any conditions, without human intervention.

Mobileye listed two years ago, financing $890 million. The company has a good plan to speed up its progress, and it is quite different from Alphabet’s plan. Alphabet is the parent company of Google, and Mobileye is the biggest rival in the autopilot race.

Mobileye EyeQ system chips are used by more than 90% of the world’s car prices, can help the car to keep the driveway and emergency braking. Now, the company and the three largest car companies to launch a new high precision map technology, will use the EyeQ chip to collect real-time data Crowdsourcing from vehicles, and to determine the vehicle relative to the traffic signs, lane markers and other objects location. With the help of cameras, radar and other sensors, the updated maps will provide additional information, which should help the Mobileye to automatically expand the driving function to more cars.

said that before the artificial intelligence is ready, the map is a way to reduce the threshold of automatic driving car". GM will take the lead in using its OnStar system, followed by Volkswagen and Renault Nissan (2018). These three car prices accounted for 30% of the total car sales in the world, for the Mobileye crowdsourcing map to create a number of conditions to play a role. Sha Ya Ya said that other car companies are queuing up to acquire this technology.