Rui Yang how to find a bright spot in network marketing

is late at night, QQ tips, some people add me as a friend. Is a young man, he said he was reading my article plus me. And I want to talk about network marketing, he said it is to ask, I say not to talk. Let’s talk about it. He said he was doing fried gold products, for the current network marketing, he has lost. Can not find their own breakthrough. In fact, this kind of problem, not only this friend has, in fact, we do this line of each have had, Rui Yang has been. Aren’t we all powerful,


a given personality

may find us doing network marketing business is more unknown. It is these small and medium enterprises, they are more eager to a new marketing model to give them success. For this unknown enterprise, we should tap its characteristics. Endow it with a new corporate culture and product personality. Of course, this is not a fiction, but it has the advantages of the original packaging again after the show. No enterprise, any product has no advantages and strengths. It’s just that we don’t really extend it. In fact, this is often a direction of our marketing. It can become a bright spot in marketing.

two analysis of

a lot of peer friends often ask why I do Rui Yang, blog, I also do the forum, but not what I was, and I did not interact, some bamboo unexpectedly delete my post. In fact, the reason is very simple, that is, you do not understand what users like to see, but do not understand what consumers care about, what can impress them. If empathy, you as a consumer for the demands of people, you access the Internet, what kind of business, what kind of product promotion will impress you, is the price, performance, or service, this is our consideration. If you think of yourself as a consumer, maybe you can network marketing ideas clear.

three novel

after all, the behavior of network marketing is in accordance with the original plan to implement. How to develop the program, whether there is a new idea determines the effectiveness of network marketing. So in the formulation of the program must be novel, unique to the new craftsman. Rather than stereotyped rigid steps. Although the means of network marketing is those, but we can make them vivid. The development of the times to today, no one can love Wangpo saying, like a puff. There are a lot of friends doing a mess, and the program has been out of sync. In fact, the appropriate change is possible, because the program is written in comparison to things, and marketing is a changing behavior. But not too fragmented. Otherwise the network marketing will eventually become very scattered.

in fact, these are just a few of the ocean experience. As for my friend, I didn’t give him too much advice. I can’t give him any flash. Because I did not contact him in this industry. Really do not understand. Rui Yang frankly told him, I can only tell him some methods and channels, but the theme of this thing inside his own grip. But the ocean is sharp