Suning reflection what have we done What did you do wrong


I world network operators in 2014 based electricity supplier conference, Suning vice chairman Sun Weimin made a "giant business platform after the transformation of innovation layout" speech. In his speech, he mentioned Suning is now undergoing changes, this change is not only a change in the strategy of the platform, but more importantly, Suning Internet cognitive changes. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a new understanding of the traditional retail giant from finance.

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I would like to share with you two aspects, the first one in the past few years Suning strategic path to analyze with you, second through the process of our strategic path to do some thinking.

Suning transformation

in 1999, I was at the time of China’s B2C pioneer figures to communicate with him, he mentioned the future of the economy is the mouse plus cement model. At that time, I think the mouse plus cement can not be melted together, because the mouse is the point where you want to be, but the cement is not transported to where it is shipped. Finally, we did not go that way, the next line of the chain road.

from 07 years later, we obviously feel the line under the chain by the challenges of the two forces. On the one hand, the cost of the rapid increase in the chain, the output began to appear wandering state. If you look at the environment in 1999, we will find that the era of very low cost of shop. But 07 years later, with the rapid rise of China’s real estate, a lot of enterprises increasingly high traffic costs. On the other hand, in the case of the rise of the Internet, the Internet channel diversion has become an irreversible trend.

in this context, we began to build the Internet channel. We create a line of, Suning to build the chain, began the two road walk.

today, this way of thinking is still relatively simple. At that time, we believe that there are some consumers online, there are some consumers online. We do two channels can be simultaneously consumer interception, sales of different models. But with the strength of our efforts to promote the online time, in fact, we found that the dual channel strategy more and more unreliable, which does not fly especially in the wake of the rise of mobile Internet is more and more obvious.

Internet diversion of physical channels, from 07 to 2010 and then has become an irreversible trend. In this case, we further strengthen the integration of the two channels. In 2012, when we were planning a new path, we started thinking about what

was doing

we talked about the first taste of the full channel.

at the beginning of 2013, we made a change in the name of the company, Suning Appliance to Su Ningyun, began the integration of online and offline.

compared to the name change, internal integration is very difficult process. Fusion is the primary solution is the internal resistance of the enterprise