E-commerce to guide the transformation of traditional enterprise sales

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IT electronic commerce enterprises took the lead play an exemplary role, along with the deepening of the application of Internet, all with Internet product derived constantly filled with every corner of people’s lives. It is difficult to imagine leaving the Internet, the community will not regress, but also to be thinking of the traditional reality. So, for the enterprise, the Internet is a tool not essential? In fact, the international trade, sales of diversification, the diversification of means have been proved, especially in the traditional enterprise, if not seize the existing good opportunities for development, water contact network, so people can only step dust.

news, Lining ·, Jack Jones; traditional clothing brand early net has achieved great success. The well-known domestic enterprises, the largest group of foreign brands, the core of the brand Tonlion has begun to pat Network QQ mall set up shop operators, online sales effect is not bad.

traditional enterprise OCS has become a reality

business model under the traditional lines, the traditional still rely on a set of days and months multiplying down both mature and hidden crisis of the business model, this model in a long period of time, has brought considerable benefits for the enterprise, has become the enterprise wealth fortune bible. To this day, but also a large number of enterprises of this Bible is highly respected, do not want to look more far-reaching. Then, the years, social life changes seen more gradually obvious, smaller companies have to go their own way, and the enterprise itself also faces problems, such as treatment and adjustment capacity upgrade.

of course, if the traditional enterprise is just thinking of it were not their own product performance, personnel management and operational efficiency, so the Internet has clearance applications in the enterprise thinking done would not dare to imagine things between a series of. Look at a group of outdated but still learn from the data, China’s average life expectancy of only years, the average life expectancy of SMEs is only 2.9 years. China’s enterprises, every day there are 1.2 closures, nearly every minute there are 10 companies closed, and more than 2000 companies apply for registration every day.

considering the cost and effect ratio, for most small and medium-sized enterprises, or the continuation of the traditional manufacturing process, taking into account physical sales industry model, has to the enterprise itself planted a variety of problems, the problems in a short period of time will only see the appreciation of space, but once by the market risks, all defects they exposed, and because hoarding has been a long time, so the enterprise bankruptcy or bankruptcy will increase the possibility of.

and the development trend of e-commerce in China over the past ten years shows that e-commerce is definitely a sunrise investment direction. One is that e-commerce will real trade economy to a virtual economy, an application called the Internet of things through, to maximize the profit of the industry still trading; two is the electronic commerce with the strong support of Internet, transaction information and data.