B2C website collective transformation comprehensive network

to start selling books B2C site Amazon towards a comprehensive online shopping mall significantly accelerated the pace of transformation. Last weekend, the Amazon China company announced that its department store sales for the first time beyond the audio books, more than half of total sales, thus becoming a comprehensive B2C China first truly online mall.

Statistics show that Rui consulting recently released

AI, the third quarter of 2009 Chinese online shopping market transactions reached 65 billion 850 million yuan, an increase of 90.1%. independent sales B2C shopping website, Jingdong mall, Dangdang excellence, the top three market position has not changed, the market share was 28.7%, 16.8% and 12.1%. iResearch and concludes that this year the three B2C enterprise sales growth mainly depends on the category expansion pull, display the transition to online shopping mall B2C single comprehensive shopping website overall trend.

, the Amazon and the two dangdang.com e-commerce sites are veteran started selling books, but the Amazon since the second quarter of 2008 is the transcendence of dangdang.com, and the Amazon in the past year expanding commodity category strategy inseparable, cosmetics, consumer electronics, automotive supplies, Home Furnishing decoration products. Even large screen LCD TV to become the online sales of products, so as to gradually get rid of the image of the online bookstore. In contrast, the book business still accounts for about 84% of Dangdang’s total sales.

in fact, the domestic mainstream professional network platform have also started to integrate the transformation of the online shopping platform. Red children from the original maternal and child supplies vendors to become including cosmetics, health products, Home Furnishing department store; taking East Mall by 3C digital products started, now also began to get involved in the Department Home Furnishing; in addition to the original VANCL also launched a new shirt, canvas shoes, jeans and other goods.

analyst Ari Zhang Yanping quoted earnings data, Chinese B2C market average gross profit rate is only about 10%-15%, some categories of parity wool interest rate even lower than 5%. in this case, only to develop a broader market and have more rich category of goods, to rely on the scale operation advantages and achieve sustainable long-term profitability as soon as possible. However, some analysts said that the original focus on the field of B2C companies began to diversify, but also faces the risk of losing their core competitiveness. After the transformation, they not only with the integration of millions of different sellers of C2C Taobao network than ‘more’, but also continue to compete with the original competitors’ special ‘, market risk greatly increased."