Royal Anber electricity supplier is the only way to transform the traditional amber enterprise

October 10, 2014, the Royal Anber formally announced the on-line mobile providers micro providers project, which provides new ideas for the amber jewelry industry restructuring. Micro business platform on the same day on the development of nearly one hundred micro agent, in the end of 2014 is to achieve sales growth of 60%. Monthly sales from the original 300 thousand to over one million. At the beginning of 2015, a number of production enterprises officially settled in an amber Royal Bowei business platform. Within six months, the Royal Anber dark horse full trend, but in the royal family of CEO Min Min seems to have come so common.

as the founder of the country’s first amber vertical sales platform – Rao Min, he is in the amber industry for many years to understand the amber expert. 2009, Rao Min couple registered in Poland Fashionamber brand, and in 2014 returned to the amber brand introduced into the country, the establishment of the royal family of amber amber vertical trading platform in. In his view, this is a transformation of their careers, but also a self change. Recently, Anber, founder of the royal family, CEO Rao min interview with this newspaper, we talk about those things amber jewelry.

reporter: you do business in the amber industry for many years, the traditional mode and the electricity supplier model have been done, there are reasons for you to make a decision to do micro business


Rao Min: e-commerce is the trend of the industry as a whole. Answer your question in a different way. If I am still in the traditional jewelry industry, I will feel very anxious, I think there are several reasons for anxiety. First, amber jewelry sales growth slowed down, business growth followed by fatigue. Two line operating costs continue to increase, compressed profit margins. Three is the rise of mobile electricity supplier to the impact of traditional amber enterprise. These reasons make companies have to change the model. With respect to clothing, cosmetics and other industries, amber jewelry e-commerce process, can be said to be very slow. Until 2014, I think the time is ripe, began to organize the project team, the micro business platform of mobile providers in amber jewelry, because the micro business is fire, and can rely on large data WeChat, micro-blog and other major platform to achieve low cost, quick.

reporter: in your opinion, Royal Anber in the past six months to get the results are very common, do you think the rapid development of the royal family of the reasons for those who have?

Rao Min: This is the traditional industry, the power of e-commerce, driving us. Referred to the anxiety state, is the most common mentality of traditional enterprises. The growth of the jewelry industry has slowed down the line, then as a small jewelry industry varieties, amber jewelry is also the same impact. The rise of jewelry electricity supplier companies, has caused a shock to the traditional jewelry companies. This impact is not only reflected in the sale of the above, the more important thing is to break the traditional jewelry business sales model, in the price, service, marketing above the impact on the traditional jewelry business. From the point of view of the environment, the entire social economy is moving towards the development of the network, which is an irreversible force. In this context, >