New e purchase Taobao mall store on-line experience sharing

after nearly a month of hard work, finally the company purchased Taobao e Xinhai mall stores completed on-line, although it is not possible to do every detail perfect, but the shop contents present themselves fairly satisfied, asked many friends and friends, everyone on the shop overall design style and detail recognition. Xinhai group as a 20 year history of Aquatic Products Group Co., Ltd. of mall stores is relatively high, so we did a detailed review of preparation, this time the mall planning and preparation, a lot of harvest, here to share with you this time work experience, summed up summed up in this period of experience, we will help, but also to attract the learning predecessors


here to specially thank support and help of Shandong Institute of Business and Technology teacher Wang Binzhi and Xinhai group designer Fang Wenjing gave in the Xinhai e purchase Taobao mall operation! Taobao mall is a B2C platform margin and the technical service fee is high, unlike the Taobao C store that almost no investment. So for businesses to apply for Taobao mall is concerned, before applying for the mall must do enough preparation, so as not to waste time in the mall after the application of waste. Sum up, in front of the mall shop, should be prepared as follows:

a, staffing

in the preparation of the mall project, personally think that there should be equipped with the following staff:

(1), project manager

project manager to the mall project progress and implementation process to do the overall control and follow up, control the project cycle. At the same time, we should make clear arrangements for the pricing of the store products, the promotion activities and the promotion activities.

(2), text editor

text editor to make a detailed and comprehensive introduction to all products, but also to undertake the work of uploading the product, to ensure that all the graphic information in a timely and accurate manner to Taobao mall store.

(3), graphic design

graphic design should be responsible for product photos and product image post-processing work, as well as store promotion, advertising picture design. As far as possible to prepare for graphic design enough material and text data, so as to ensure the speed of design work.

more than three jobs, is the only mall decoration products and upload the required human needs, as for the on-line store after sales customer service position, do not repeat the author in this article.

two, product images (including product master plan, details and shop renovation plans)

picture of the product quality in a certain extent determines the customer’s purchasing power, because we are doing marine food, so in the image processing is under a lot of effort, high quality images can let customers have the appetite, directly will let customers desire to buy.

product photos not only in design, shooting is also very