Jingdong announced the first eleven days of double data single volume exceeded 20 million


technology news Beijing time on November 11th evening news, Jingdong announced the double 11 day sales, as of today at 17:00, the Jingdong store orders more than 20 million single from the mobile terminal, including QQ, WeChat and other Jingdong, client platform orders accounted for more than 70%.

Jingdong side said that as of today, 11:58, the amount of orders has been more than last year. Today, which is lower than the order ranked in Guangdong, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Sichuan.

home appliances 3C products, 0 minutes from the small home appliance sales of up to 10 minutes of up to 300 thousand. 1 hours of TV sales of 230 thousand units, within 2 hours of air conditioning sales grew by 400%, refrigerator washing machine more than last year’s full year sales. Within 12 hours, wearable device sales up to 12 times last year. Since November 1st, the computer sales exceeded 560 thousand units, mobile phone sales of more than 2 million 500 thousand, including the top three mobile phone millet, including more than 600 thousand units, Rong Yaochao, apple over 400 thousand units.

and the Department of consumer affairs, 9 hours Jingdong supermarket food, beverage and other sales reached 4.5 times the same period last year, leisure food grew by 600%. Maternal and infant products, including milk powder, clothing, etc. were also increased by 9 ~ 19 times.

Jingdong also said ious users grew more than 600%, accounting for ious mall transactions accounted for more than an increase of 500%. Ious price more than 800 yuan, staging customer price over 1500 yuan. (large)