Reports of ‘fascism’ are incorrect

first_imgT. Weed Dear Editor:It’s disturbing to see how ignorance of what “fascism” is, encourages fear and hatred of Trump by “anti-fascists”. (Regarding the Trump issue, Hoboken Letters, Sept. 1). Agitated 24/7 by “lying fake news” (Trump got that right), they are convinced that Trump will deliver America into the hands of the evil “fascists”. Well, if fascism means control of the people by a marriage of government and corporations, we Americans have lived under fascism since President Eisenhower, who, in his Farewell Address, warned the country about the growing power of the “military-industrial-complex”. This military-industrial (and now Neocon) complex has lied and deceived America into war after war, from Vietnam right down to Iraq and Afghanistan, enriching the Banksters and war merchants and impoverishing the people. As we spend trillions on these wars, our infrastructure has deteriorated dangerously, our kids can’t go to college without incurring a huge debt, and most Americans can’t afford “health care”. Our “demockery” is just that. Our Congress is the best that money can buy, our elections are rigged so that reformers, such as Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, have no chance.They are squeezed out by the “two party” system, which is actually one party controlled by the above Complex, aka the “deep state”. At least in Fascist Italy, Mussolini spent heavily on public works and social welfare and the trains ran on time. In Fascist Germany people had jobs, the country was crisscrossed with new highways and health care and education was free. In contrast, American fascism, this rule by the 1%, is shoddy and exploitative. This deep state of “perpetual war for perpetual peace” started long before Trump. He’s not the perpetrator, he’s just the latest victim.last_img