Phil Lesh & Friends Played A Set Of Classics On Night Two Of Their Funky Run At Coney Island

first_imgAfter last night’s fun opening show, Phil Lesh returned to the Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk this evening to complete his two-night stand with Soulive, Karl Denson, Jackie Greene, Jason Crosby, and Ryan Zoidis and Eric “Benny” Bloom–aka The Shday Horns. The show was marked by a number of beloved Grateful Dead tunes, with Phil’s funky Friends adding a unique, jazzy element to the proceedings.The first set kicked off with a truly funky take on JJ Cale‘s “After Midnight”. Krasno took the lead on vocals before delivering a slick solo that picked the energy up from his first notes on. Karl Denson, Jackie Greene, Neal Evans, and Jason Crosby all delivered impressive solos after Kraz, with the reliable jam-launchpad serving as a truly excellent way to start the evening. “Loose Lucy” came next, giving Greene a chance to showcase his impressive soulful vocals. The horns fit perfectly on this track, and Denson really took over during the song’s jam. Krasno once again took the lead on a heartfelt “Brown Eyed Women”. Krasno’s lyrical playing is a perfect fit for this song, and Crosby picked up Kraz’s lead for an excellent piano solo.“Bertha” came next, with the uplifting number leading to several awesome moments. Lesh shone brightly on “Bertha”, with Denson, Krasno, Crosby, and Greene all taking turns leading the band. The band isn’t jamming as much as they are trading solos, with each musician stepping up one-after-the-other, trying to one-up the player before him. A plodding version of “Ramble on Rose” followed, giving the Shady Horns a quick time out while Krasno led the rest of the band through the track. The horns returned to the stage just in time for a lengthy take on the sultry classic “Sugaree”. The song’s jam started off slow and quiet, building patiently as the Shady Horns re-asserted themselves. Greene then launched into a raucous solo that brought the energy to another level, before bringing the song and the first set to an end.While set one featured a lot of solos, the second-set-opening version of “Playin’ in the Band” featured the first true jam of the night, with the full band locking in for a psychedelic exploration that saw Denson switch to his flute to provide an ethereal feel. Crosby then locked in with Denson, melodically working towards the jam’s epic conclusion. The band then started up an awesome cover of Traffic‘s “Dear Mr. Fantasy”, with a jam that developed into a nice funky rocker.The bluesy “New Speedway Boogie” followed, with Neal Evans showcasing his excellent skills on his Hammond B3 organ with a a brilliant solo. Denson and the Shady Horns locked in at the end of the jam before the song dissolved into the first Phil Lesh-led song of the night, “Eyes of the World”. Vocals continue to be a challenge for Lesh, but his playing on the song surely made up for it, with the band creating another memorable moment as Lesh, Green and Crosby linked up towards the song’s end. Greene then started up an awesome “Dark Star” that quickly moved into improvisation, with the full band transitioning into a sort of psych rock freak-out that contained a major tease of Cream‘s “Sunshine of your Love” .The band then kept the hits coming as they performed the Grateful Dead’s famous “Scarlet Begonias” > “Fire on the Mountain” sequence. Krasno sang “Scarlet Begonias” dutifully before Denson once again chimed in with a huge solo, completing his performances as MVP of the evening. The band turned “Scarlet” into a Soulive-esque funk jam that perfectly dropped into “Fire on the Mountain”. Bloom shined with a tremendous solo on “Fire on the Mountain”, with Lesh killing it as he led the band through the song’s jam. The band brought things to a close with a fun and jazzy take on the beloved track “Turn On Your Lovelight”.The band returned to the stage for their encore with a cover of Wilson Pickett‘s “In the Midnight Hour, with Denson taking lead vocals on the R&B cover. The Shady Horns shined again on this track, showcasing the specialness of this show one more time. In the end, this two-night run at Coney Island with Soulive, Denson, Green, Crosby and The Shady Horns provided for some of the funkiest versions of the Grateful Dead catalog that have ever been heard, and a two-night Phil Lesh & Friends run to remember.Phil Lesh & Friends | September 15th, 2016 | Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island BoardwalkSet One: After Midnight, Loose Lucy, Brown Eyed Women, Bertha, Ramble On Rose, SugareeSet Two: Playin’ in the Band, Dear Mr. Fantasy, New Speedway Boogie, Eyes of the World, Dark Star, Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain, Turn On Your LovelightEncore: In The Midnight Hourlast_img