Advancing the Promise of IoT with Edge Computing

first_imgThe IoT space is rapidly evolving. In the past 12-18 months, customers have told me they’re focused on designing IoT solutions around a clear set of business outcomes, that drive business impact and that can deliver near-term ROI. IoT solutions have matured beyond science experiments, and today Dell Technologies is helping companies collect data to make informed business decisions.At the forefront of this evolution is the shift to edge computing. I recently joined the IoT For All podcast to define edge computing, discuss its benefits and describe the challenges associated with using edge computing in IoT. I also shared what a typical customer engagement looks like for our Embedded & Edge team, who deliver value to original equipment manufacturers every day by embedding our edge computing technology into their customer solutions.One of the early challenges we observed in the IoT space was the abundance of snowflake solutions that had no chance of scaling for global capacity. Today, we’re seeing much more standardization—which offers businesses more ability to create scale and capability. And Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to help our customers design IoT and edge computing solutions in 3 ways: 1) compressing their time-to-market, 2) building a “non-snowflake” solution on Tier-1 technology, and 3) scaling their solution globally.Take a listen and let me know your thoughts on the evolution of IoT. Where are you seeing advancements in IoT and Edge Computing today? Read our white paper with Forrester on IoT and Edge ComputingExplore customer stories of IoT and Edge Computing deploymentsJoin our LinkedIn Embedded & Edge Solutions Showcase page Keep in touch. Follow us on Twitter @DellTechOEM and @BryanEJoneslast_img