10 days this winter snow but little snowfall precipitation throughout the year is relatively small

today and there will be snow

since the first snow in Xining in November 10th, as of December 19th, Xining has ushered in 5 snow, an average of 10 days on the end of Xining snow. According to the weather forecast, today, Xining will appear light snow weather. In addition to Xining, snow has also been in the province.

the general impression, Qinghai Plateau snow should not be what rare thing, but in fact, meteorological experts, Qinghai winter is the least rainfall season, last winter, I even have no effective precipitation in more than and 100 days. Then almost 10 days of snow, both for Qinghai and Xining, is rare. Meteorological experts believe that this year alone on the number of days of snow than in previous years, indeed more, but not much snow.

December 19th morning, Xining City, the low temperature to minus 17.3 degrees Celsius since the beginning of winter this year, for most of a cold morning. It is expected that in December 20th, the cooling brought about by snow is more significant, Xining City, the highest temperature will fall below zero, to minus 3 degrees celsius.

meteorological experts, since December, due to frequent cold air intrusion, the snow weather in most parts of the province gradually increased, affected by this, most of the province temperatures were decreased significantly. From the beginning of December 14th, the daily minimum temperature in Xining has continued to decline for 5 consecutive days, according to the provincial meteorological station forecast the latest show, with a new surge of cold air gradually approaching, from the beginning of 19, the province from west to East will appear once the province of snow weather process, in addition to the southern part of the snow outside the area will appear most of the rest of the region, the province will be snow weather, affected by this, the average daily temperature will drop around 3 degrees Celsius -5 degrees celsius.

Meteorological Department reminded the public transportation and related departments, and driving out snow should be especially Caution!; and the temperature continued to decline also can cause colds and other respiratory diseases, keep warm.

province has a large range of snow

Province meteorological expert research Liu Baokang, satellite remote sensing monitoring results show that in December 16th, due to the recent snowfall, our province is a large area of snow again, bring adverse effect to animal husbandry and transportation.

satellite remote sensing data, snow mainly distributed in most areas of the province, in addition to the West and Qinghai Lake Western Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the administrative area of Maduo snow area accounted for the largest proportion, 52.99%, followed by Huangyuan 50.90%.

experts, this year the beginning of the end of October, most of the province has started small to moderate snow, snowfall, which occurs in Maduo 11mm snow depth of 15cm blizzard, this is one of the province’s much reason for a large area of snow.

overall rainfall this year is still less than

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