Enhance the quality of the city of Zhang Guangrong in Xining agricultural and rural work

May 6th, vice governor Zhang Guangrong research in Datong County of Xining City District, agricultural and rural work that should focus on improving the service ability, enhance the taste of the city, and vigorously promote the development of agriculture and rural economy.

station in Xining City 61 bridge, Nanchuan river water panoramic view. Zhang Guangrong in a detailed understanding of the water into the city, the progress of the project pointed out that the project should be combined with the core of the landscape to enhance the transformation of the landscape, the real realization of the water, shore green, green". At the same time, it is necessary to scientifically formulate urban water supply planning and measures to improve water security. See the "green square", Zhang Guangrong said in the West on both sides of the highway, it is necessary to strengthen the afforestation, especially in rural greening, to the road, trees and water do the implementation, but also consider the development of forest industry, increase the income of farmers. Display base, in the modern city area in urban village total agricultural technology demonstration park and Datong county agriculture Zhang Guangrong said, to increase the "food basket" project construction, planning, land protection, enhance the level, improve the "food basket" self-sufficiency rate and the level of supply. In Datong Xinhua agricultural cooperatives, he pointed out, to increase the standardization of cooperatives, improve the degree of organization of farmers.

in the survey, Zhang Guangrong pointed out that the agricultural development in Xining City, to build around the characteristics, highlighting the characteristics, the three aspects of innovation of agriculture and animal husbandry production management system and mechanism of ecological construction, the way of characteristic development, accelerate the pace of construction of modern agriculture. (author: Xiao Liu)