May will be part of the Huangyuan section of the speed limit

In April 14th, a reporter from the Huangyuan County Police Brigade was informed that May 1st will be part of the road in Huangyuan province implemented a range of speed, speed limit of 70 km / h, and traffic control is carried on in the ancient city of Dan Huangyuan county.

it is understood that the Huangyuan County in the West Huang down a highway for accident prone sections, lodging, traffic safety management level to strengthen the Highway West Huang Huang Xi travel peak, the smooth flow of road traffic safety guarantee travel season, effectively prevent the important and continuous collision accidents, the traffic police department according to the actual situation of Huangyuan county the traffic will fall, Huang Xi highway and 109 National Highway of interval velocity of motor vehicle in Huangshui, interval velocity of specific locations for a highway road upstream Huang 380M to 53KM + 68KM + 230M, a highway between Huang upstream 70KM + 580M + 390M to 82KM, down a road between Huang down 53KM + 380M + 230M to 68KM, down a road between Huang down 70KM + 580M + 390M to 82KM, a highway on the West Huang down road 6KM + 110M to 11KM + 610M, a highway on the West Huang For 15KM + 360M + 250M to 22KM, Huang highway down Road West to 21KM + 943M 15KM + 410M, 2005KM + 965M 109 state line road to 1996KM + 970M, the speed limit is 70 km / h. Prior to the Huangyuan County Police Brigade in the area of Huang Huang, west highway, State Road 109 and county road were installed electronic police bayonet equipment, the equipment has been debugged, in May 1st 0 when the device is enabled, the urban road parking, not according to the standard of not wearing a safety belt, line driving, free turn around and other traffic violations were captured, and will collect information into the road traffic management information system as evidence of illegal punishment of illegal acts.

In addition

, from May 1st to National Day during the Huangyuan County Police Brigade daily 7:30 to 18, the implementation of traffic control of the county in Huangyuan city Dan, North Street, Dongcheng trench and fire tower along the North Street and the progenitor of travel of the vehicle parking lot parking only, not allowed to park social vehicles.