Fire in Eastern District of Xining city people to enjoy cultural feast

in February 17th 11, with the deafening firecrackers and the deafening sound of gongs and drums, with "happy auspicious east east," as the theme of the East District of 2013 dance folk art performances kicked off in Taining East Garden district. The dragon dance, lion prance, Wanzhong exult, watch the people face show heartfelt happiness.

brought by the office of the "dragon Qing Qing Zhen Xiang Sheng" first appearance, the snake sent a blessing, four lions in the next stage of the spring festival. Then, from the public street office of the "national style song" appearance, dressed in beautiful Sala girl holding a blossoming pink flowers are dancing in the stage, set off the flowers and girls, like walking into a sea of flowers, the audience into the full of green spring. By the Lin Jiaya office to bring the "sailing to welcome new year", the traditional rowing with modern technology and dance to give people a fresh feeling. Zhou Jiaquan Office of the "triumph" is the gongs and drums, gongs and drums yangko dance twisting up and knocked up, the joy of spring jump. Dongguan Street Office of prairie tap dance, with a free and easy dance will be a breath of fresh air to the public. The unique creative fire to the public in the Spring Festival presented a cultural feast. (author: Jin ran Jen Qing CuO)