Central to create their own Lake race

2 days of Wenfeng mountain bike race has experienced a fierce competition has finally come to an end. Over the past four years, the mountain bike invitational tournament size, regardless of race specifications have completed a qualitative leap, has become a national mountain bike enthusiasts acclaimed a folk sports activities. The success of the event, so that the city is not rich in tourism resources in the center of the city has a new "business card", more and more foreign businessmen through the event to understand the Central District, into the central area.

district and a new "business card"

Director of

City District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau Bian Xiaowei said in an interview with reporters, held in Wenfeng in 2010 the first stone mountain bike Invitational, is to try to Wenfeng tablet and the Xining sports one of the ancient eight combination, better promotion of foreign central culture, tourism resources. Today, this event has been successfully held four sessions, the team expanded from 12 teams to 21 teams first now, athletes from the first to the local players to the field team players accounted for 2/3, the event continues to expand the scale. In order to make the game more attractive, the area will not only award amount increased to 120 thousand yuan, will be doing more and more events to the field study standard specification, race route indicator, optimization game line and use of dual electronic timing system, namely improve the event specification level, but also to ensure the fairness of the competition, making the "Wenfeng city areas monument ecotourism scenic spot mountain bike Invitational" has become a mountain biking event leading Xining, and northwest regions. An industry to see the fourth Wenfeng monument bike Invitational, also can not help but praise: I did not expect to be held by the District, county level sports events will be so appealing, influential, too easy."

colorful central charm


if the lake is a big window to promote the United States and the United States, Qinghai, then, Wenfeng monument eco-tourism scenic mountain bike Invitational is undoubtedly a window to promote the plateau city. Director of City District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau Bian Xiaowei said, with the summer brand slogan, every summer there are numerous foreign tourists flocked to Xining. No central scenic "kite ditch", has a profound historical and cultural background of "Kumbum Monastery", how will the tourists stay, so that they can understand the central, only through event promotion, colorful music festival and other rich cultural activities, the "summer colorful Xining – Central" this unique city style show to athletes all over the country and tourists. Every year, in addition to Wenfeng monument bicycle race, central will hold colorful colorful music festival, music festival to change the traditional pattern of the past, focus on grassroots culture and pop music festival, will really make three generations of love are cultural activities. This series of events, will attract more and more domestic and foreign guests into the plateau, into Xining, into the city area tourism, investment, great role in central Xining and the social economic development plays an inestimable. (author: Rong Lijun)