Caring for the four teams in Xining affectionate condolences outstanding Party members

How is the life of excellent party members? Are there any difficulties? In the 93 founding anniversary approaching, even the day, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo Su Rong, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and city leaders Zou Jiansheng, Li Jinqing, Ma Haiying, Bi Xiaoning and Zhang Yonghai respectively visited part of the City People’s Congress, outstanding Party members, cadres and workers, sent to the party cordial greetings and deep concern.

the afternoon of June 26th, Wang Jianjun and Zhang Yonghai came to Xining City Theatre and artistic director, deputy secretary of the Qu Qiaozhe family, Qu Qiaozhe joined the party in January 2000, for more than and 20 years, successively in more than and 50 plays in the shape of the main characters, won numerous awards, in May 2009 won the twenty-four session of the Chinese performing Drama Plum Blossom award, Qinghai province achieved the recognition zero breakthrough. Wang Jianjun Qu Qiaozhe asked about the physical and life situation, when he learned that Qu Qiaozhe had just recovered when Wang Jianjun told said: "you have made a great contribution to the development of Xining culture, we must take care the body, give more popular art for the people." A sentence as family friendly words to the party organization care and care to Qu Qiaozhe side.

way a thank you, say a blessing. Every one, Wang Jianjun and outstanding Party members, cordial exchanges sit side by side and talk intimately. "In the Chinese Communist 93 anniversary approaching, we on behalf of the municipal government to come and see you, say hello to you, to celebrate the birthday of the party!" Into the former chairman of the union of Qinghai engine factory Tian Boli home, Wang Jianjun took his hand, asked him about the concerns of life, physical condition. That he still play after retirement, helpful and enthusiastic community work, Wang Jianjun said admiringly: "every member of the Communist Party in what position, must have a strong sense of responsibility, sense of mission, dedication, to fulfill their obligations, hope you continue to play a good exemplary role, care, support and participate in Xining the economic and social development, make contribution to the harmonious society."

June 27th morning, deputy secretary and mayor Wang Yubo visited the former Qinghai bulb factory laid-off workers Zhang Haichao home, and Zhang Haichao sit, Wang Yubo asked in detail about the life and work of Zhang Haichao. As a 24 – year member of the party, Zhang Haichao, although their living conditions are not rich, but has been enthusiastic about community service. Wang Yubo said, thousands on thousands of ordinary Party members constitute a strong collective, ordinary Party members in the ordinary work, for people’s sincere service, let the people see the exemplary role of Party members from every Party member, Party members who see the positive energy, not only embodies the purpose of the party, is the sublimation of personality. Gaming art school training 500 students every year so many workers filigree, have proficiency in a particular line to increase income. Wang Yubo visit condolences to President Cui Qiujuan, thank you for her training employment achievements of the masses, and encouraged her to redouble their efforts to keep the party title, let more people grasp the life more security proficiency in a particular line.