80% foreign tourists obsessed with driving Qinghai

The color of the Qinghai Lake, cenglinjinran mutual Kitayama Akijing, carved Kanbula natural scenic spots, eleven golden week of Qinghai’s major tourist attractions to tourists, only Kumbum Monastery, Qinghai Lake scenic area daily more than 10 thousand tourists, tourism revenue of more than about 1300000 yuan. In this year’s visitors, self driving tourists from the surrounding area of Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia accounted for 80%. 80% guests from other provinces is driving the blue sky and white clouds, green grass, green lake, here has painted a picture of the most beautiful natural picture. Came to the lake in Qinghai, in addition to the beautiful scenery, people feel more relaxed and comfortable and quiet away from the city. Li Li, a tourist from Guangzhou, said: "in this place far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I seem to find a unique tourism realm, another kind of broad and serene." It is understood that the eleven long holiday, directed at Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery to Qinghai tourists accounted for at least more than 80%, especially in the scenic area of Qinghai Lake, the main tourist attractions for tourists outside the province. According to statistics, the province’s self driving travel market in Gansu, Ningxia, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other areas in the vicinity of the short range, the radius of travel within more than 800 km of control, accounting for about 20% of the provinces of self driving tourists. Self driving tour stimulating consumption can not be more than self driving tour, in stimulating tourism consumption also contributed. It is understood that our province tourism self driving tourist consumption level than the traditional way of tourism is relatively high, only in July the provincial self driving tourists in the Xining area the average daily consumption of 1000 yuan, 23.7% higher than the traditional travel, which eat, live, three tourists consumption accounted for 80%, especially for about 48% vehicles refueling and maintenance etc.. Province self driving like rural tourism, in addition, most of the province’s tourists driving self driving tour has become the preferred way to travel in the province. In recent years, with the city people yearning for nature, the desire to return to nature increasingly urgent. The tourists have to driving, free way to add to the tourist team, travel destination choice to the two aspects of rural tourism, tourism, tourists will travel to the family as a unit, to the area, adventure photography, relax and share the unique beauty of the plateau. Driving the need to improve the infrastructure according to the city tourism bureau responsible person, with the continued growth of xiadou Xining "the rising popularity of free holiday bus policy, private car ownership and road infrastructure continue to improve, self driving tour market development momentum of rapid, self driving tourists are also facing contradictions city infrastructure construction and driving development does not adapt to the. Leading to the main scenic spots along the traffic jams, scenic parking, sanitation facilities can not meet the needs of self driving routes and products, as well as a single rescue, maintenance and other basic services are not in place and other issues. Therefore, vigorously develop the self driving tour market, strengthen the development of self driving tour products, enhance tourism service functions, will be one of the priorities of the city’s tourism work in the future.