Xining to limit the sale of egg products

to stabilize the prices of agricultural products, to guarantee market supply, Xining city to take special funds for 7 farmers market egg, tofu, bean sprouts, bean curd and other agricultural products price subsidies, the price limit. City daily subsidy funds reached 19 thousand and 200 yuan, to the lowest extent to benefit the people.

it is understood that the agricultural and sideline products, Kang Xi Mo street, Water Lane, lane, small bridges, meteorological Jia Jian Nan Xiang, Xining city farmers market the sales price, which is 10.6 yuan / kg soil egg white, egg tofu, 15 yuan / kg 4 yuan / kg, 4 yuan / kg, bean sprouts dry bean curd 7 yuan / kg. 7 farmers market subsidies reached 26 stalls, eggs for the 12 thousand and 500 kg, bean products, 6600 kg.

in addition, in order to protect the holiday market, the Municipal Bureau of commerce actively organize high-quality products to meet the market, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau distributioncenter meat dispatching reserve enterprises actively strengthen cohesive areas inside and outside the province, to establish a stable supply channels, transport and reserve of vegetables, meat and eggs, increase market goods delivery, to ensure market supply, stable market price. (author: Fang Xu)