The Standing Committee of the Xining municipal government will examine and approve the opinions on t

yesterday afternoon, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government tenth executive meeting examined and approved in principle "on the strengthening and standardizing the construction of administrative service center opinions (Draft)", "on the establishment and perfection of government organs and their staff and consciously accept the supervision mechanism of the opinions (Draft)", "Xining Municipal People’s government consultant appointment management approach (Draft)" and other 8 topics, and listened to the City Planning Commission on this year, population and family planning work.

in order to consciously accept the supervision of party supervision, legal supervision of people’s Congress and CPPCC democratic supervision and social supervision and audit supervision, dedicated, diligent, honest, efficient, promote the service government construction, according to mayor Wang Yubo instructions, the relevant provisions of the municipal supervision bureau according to law and the "Chinese Communist Party Supervision Regulations", drafted "on the establishment of and the perfection of the government organs and their staff and consciously accept the supervision mechanism of the opinions (Draft)", the main content and from the seven aspects of government organs and their staff and consciously accept the supervision of the type of clear.

meeting believes that supervision is the best preservative to prevent deterioration of power. Power without restriction and supervision, at any time may deviate from the normal track, the effective supervision of leading cadres can at any time to correct the deviation in the exercise of power, so that leading cadres can not corrupt, not corruption, consciousness of administrative law.

Wang Yubo pointed out, we must through the unremitting efforts and means, strengthen the cadres consciously accept the supervision of consciousness, improve the system of cadres at all levels and consciously accept the supervision mechanism, supervision to ensure tangible results, so that all levels of government and its staff of law-abiding, diligent and honest, proactive, not slack, do not be enthusiastic and press on. Lazy, don’t play the gangster, not to defy the law.

Wang Yubo pointed out that government agencies and their staff should consciously accept the party’s supervision, legal supervision, public supervision and public opinion supervision, to ensure the proper exercise of power. Leading cadres at all levels, for criticism, comments and suggestions from all sides, we must attach great importance to respond seriously, and can not handle, because things are not allowed to take small, petrified attitude, attitude and superior attitude of the deaf. To form a favorable interaction between the government and the community, in a timely manner to social matters such as city planning, major construction projects and related to the vital interests of the masses to the public to solicit public opinion, accept supervision by the masses, the right of the people under the supervision of the sun run. (author: Shi Fei)