Second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Tunnel in Xining began laying Ballastless turnout constructio

In December 3rd 16:00, with second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Tunnel in Xining No. 202 turnout bottom bar began lashing, marking the second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Section of Qinghai’s first group of Ballastless turnout laying construction. China Railway five Bureau Lanzhou second double project headquarters responsible for Lanzhou Qinghai Tibet Railway tier companies on behalf of the construction period of six groups of Ballastless turnout (Xining tunnel group four), and the high speed field and the Lanzhou Xinjiang line Xining Railway Station 20km line laying task. Ballastless turnout construction with high technical content, the characteristics of complex construction, efficient completion of construction tasks, high quality, safety, command organization of all employees participating in the construction process of winter construction safety and quality technical training and technical training, improve the overall level of construction technology and construction site quality and safety card control ability. At the same time, formulate control measures of construction scheme and safe and feasible quality card, clear the responsibility of each procedure, in strict accordance with the specifications and requirements of the winter construction organization construction, earnestly concrete antifreezing insulation measures to ensure construction safety and engineering quality, and strive to complete the construction tasks before January 15, 2014.