Xining industrial and commercial system to carry out the brand, playing fake hundred days enforcemen

recently, the Xining Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau in accordance with the system "brand, fake" special enforcement action arrangement, actively adjust ideas, quickly make arrangements to determine the focus of regulation, clear organization and leadership, on the area of the market, shopping malls, supermarkets and other key areas to pull net type check, quickly set off a 100 day enforcement action climax. For investigating the trademark infringement case 249, 27 dens, a total value of 2 million 370 thousand and 200 yuan.

in law enforcement action, the Council focused on effectiveness, to take four measures to carry out remediation: first, strengthen the handling of the case. In order to further strengthen law enforcement efforts, the City Council and the county bureau to deploy the backbone of the business, respectively, the formation of the law enforcement team, full-time investigation of trademark infringement cases. The global rapid action, the mutual linkage between the Council and the county bureau, the County Bureau of each branch, and County Bureau leaders braved the cold to the front-line law enforcement command, to stare at the vehicle marking, the months of waiting, and increased and the intensity of the case, and achieved remarkable results. Two is to improve the reporting network. Give full play to the 12315 and two stood for a moment ", and actively mobilize the masses, to play a" informant "" eyes and ears ", to broaden the source channels, to obtain valuable information source. Three is to create public opinion atmosphere. Make full use of newspapers, television stations, radio stations and other media to create momentum, fully mobilize the whole society to actively participate in counterfeiting operations. Four is to strengthen the joint efforts of government and law enforcement. Strengthen the contact and communication with enterprises, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of law enforcement. In the process of investigating the case, in a timely manner with the enterprise fake personnel contact, asking them to identify the authenticity of the site to ensure that the case investigated promptly and accurately.