Small owners and developers how to deal with Baidu open platform

Baidu World Conference in September 2nd launched the Baidu open platform, in the industry caused controversies and concerns, such as the "traffic black hole", "Baidu Lan", collation of justice, "has also done justice to the athletes" etc.. But for many small owners and developers, Baidu open platform is an immutable fact, almost no room for bargaining and flash turn maneuvers space, such as the Taobao shield Baidu crawler that can only be the Internet bigwigs of patent. The Internet has been changing, it should be as Li Kaifu said, "with the mind to accept change, embrace change.".

embrace change fundamental premise: favorable for users

Baidu open platform with 360 security guards have a little more similar: Despite the controversy have been questioned constantly, rumors, such as ray, but it is undeniable that is conducive to the majority of users. Baidu open platform, namely search and use, a substantial improvement in the user experience, the user needs to achieve a precise, direct satisfaction. In addition, malicious SEO, phishing sites, copycat websites, false information, trojan virus, long plagued Internet users, Baidu open platform can largely solve these problems.

embrace change one of the rules of the game have changed, and the webmaster should quickly understand and be familiar with the new play, the survival of the fittest.

the past popular cheating, edge ball gray means have been mostly failure. What is the standard of the resources of the Baidu open platform? How to apply the audit rules? In the past, the web site ranking rules, and now it is necessary to concentrate on the application of the collation. If Baidu’s own website / service tilt and care, it should give full play to the role of grassroots entrepreneurial flexibility, thinking out the inherent limitations, why can’t you know, encyclopedia, library, said Baidu product to be used? Even Baidu open platform itself, because of the architecture of structured information processing off the past collection also need to analyze and extract the unstructured text, now why not use structured data, "standing on the shoulders of giants"


embrace change two: Innovation for user needs, to avoid homogenization of low-level competition.

if you just download the station so no difference in the service, the lack of uniqueness and technical content, it can only look at the flow interception Baidu come directly to meet the user. Baidu open platform, so that the entrance of information from Baidu to become the entrance of information and services, but in essence is still reflected in the user needs, user behavior driven search keywords. Study on the key words, hot words list, the motivation behind the behavior of users thinking creatively, meet the functional requirements of the users (most of the past is not necessarily information needs), the development of complex applications, and even micro innovation, micro application (such as Robin Li mentioned in his speech book). The original value of the key words, after Baidu open platform, there is the potential to explore the realization, of course, also test the vision and insight of the owners and developers.