Share English enterprise stand optimization method

as above, the degree of competition, you can view the keywords by noble baby Adwords keyword tool search volume, the need to pay attention to is set search conditions, to obtain more reliable data. This tool is similar with the love of Shanghai index, a key difficulty mainly depends on three factors: the search volume, the first three pages of competitors, keyword search results. When having sex with the same basic optimization in Shanghai, the most important aspect is the analysis of rivals, to analysis from which aspects? Since keywords is selected, you can only make your web site more than competitors do, received such a English enterprise standing orders, do some basic Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis. To see which areas need to modify. The unreasonable place is best rectification, some enterprise stand content also have problems, not related to the news out of order too much, these contents need to be removed.

Google Keywords

first, analysis of the difficulty of

how to analyze competitor Shanghai Longfeng data? Personal recommendations of a site monitoring system, of course, there are many such software online, but basically all charges, if you do not want to spend the money, you can find yourself a programmer to write a. The main function is to collect the competitor data, for example, included the chain, domain name time, collected some data can be generated by programming the corresponding data sheet, to facilitate the monitoring of the site, the author also made a similar system. More trouble is YAHOO has shut down the chain query function, now can not see the chain data others site, Shanghai Longfeng work a lot can use the software and the program to fix, can greatly improve the work efficiency.

Hello, I am old boy in Shanghai dragon studio stone in the enterprise stand optimization order were mostly Chinese website, which is what we call the love Shanghai optimization, but there are also a small number of enterprises English station orders, this part of the customer to do Google optimization. For example: do some auto parts enterprise website, there is usually English in two versions, and English version of nature to do the optimization for Google. In fact, from the big direction, Google optimization and optimization of Shanghai no difference how much love nature, only in some of the details, there are differences as well as the optimization of time, some people say Google optimization than others in shipwreck, don’t think so. According to a case analysis of the author on hand to optimization of station English enterprise, think about how to do well in business English keyword optimization, perhaps you do Google optimization is a little inspiration.


compared with today’s love Shanghai, pay more attention to the construction of the chain, the chain English resources than Chinese rich, but the chain type is then several blogs, forums, bookmarks, these resources have. In addition English Shanghai dragon started early than Chinese, of course, foreign Shanghai Dragon technology is relatively mature, so English Shanghai Longfeng.

then, the content and the chain construction