Tea shop where to open more suction gold

pay more attention to the health of the people, with the health effects of tea sales is good, so many investors want to open a tea shop to make money, then the first step is to consider the store location problem.

in the shop when the first face is the brand tea chain store location on selected issues. As long as you can make a brand of tea Business Flourishes Dianzhi, regardless of the store location is in the business center or alley, is a good place.

The ideal

if the store location is facing two street, which side is Front Gate own store, has become a very important problem. The general practice is to choose the traffic flow of the street as the main store, the store. And the small traffic side as a side door.

for entrepreneurs, it is important to do a good job in the corresponding market survey work in the shop before, it directly determines whether you can stand in the industry in the future, the Nuggets want to quickly occupy the treasure tea to join the big market, the first master skills on the site.


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