Cincinnati Reds

first_imgThe Reds have to be the most fan-friendly organization in baseball. The package deals they offer in groups of tickets is quite attainable for most families. One of these deals is that if one adult buys a full price ticket, several more tickets are available at reduced prices. This is quite different than the prices charged in Boston or New York where few, if any, tickets can be found for less than $100–and most of them are much higher than that. I understand some box seats in New York go for more than $1000. I thought baseball was America’s sport! I am one American who is not in this price range. The Reds also offer great deals for large groups, community nights, and several other types of packages. Another good thing about the Reds is that their stadium is very fan friendly. There are really no bad seats like Wrigley Field has behind those posts. They have the kid playground section and several other nice features. If they just had those large open lots close to the park, it would be even friendlier. I know this is not possible with city prices on land being what they are. I understand the underground garage is pretty convenient. I seldom go these days because of my disability, but I understand this ball park is pretty handicap friendly as well. I will have to give it a try again one of these days. Now I just need a good chauffeur, and I’ll be all set. What do you think, Sally?last_img