Rubén Blanco: “There is no bad costumes; Sisto is settled”

first_imgHave you ever seen yourself in that situation?I always had the idea of ​​growing up here and I’m on the road. I have never considered going out and the club has backed that idea.Doesn’t it make you angry to have reached your sports maturity with the team quoting down for two years?At the collective level, we have to live two really bad seasons. Maybe in this one the expectations were much higher and we are having a much worse time. From these moments you also learn and much more than when everything is shot. Do you have the feeling that you have returned to the month of January 2019?As for classification it is similar, but this year we are aware of where we are and we want to get out of this negative dynamic as soon as possible.Óscar and Sisto had a fight against Eibar, Pape is looking for a way out because of his attitude. Is there a bad wardrobe?Not at all. About Pione I would not do it, but they are situations that happen very often. There is no malice in what he did. The subject is settled. Pape is from home and is training with us. In this situation everything gets a little bigger.Do you see your friend Mina especially motivated to return this day to Valencia?One of his qualities is that he trains very well every week. Since returning to Celta has always added.How do you annul Maxi?Here he was already a great player and in Valencia he has grown a lot. Take the goal in the blood. It seems that he is not doing much and with a touch in the area it is enough for him.You sponsor a second division handball team. How was the experience?My sister plays in the team and that’s where everything was conceived. It is not an obligation, but it does not hurt that football players help make other sports more visible. They strive as much or more than we do. In the locker room do you talk about both the transfer market and the environment?We are focused on preparing the games and the annoying situation we are living. Although we try to stay out of all those comments, it is very difficult to be isolated. We know that there is the possibility of partners joining to try to help.Last year they ended up admitting that the winter market dropped to some player. Is the same thing happening?What most affects is when a player is thinking about going out and still here.last_img