Peacock Hopeful of State Cup Success

first_imgHe is normally the one telling us the sports news but for Fox Sports presenter Adam Peacock, the New South Wales State Cup provides the Manly Men’s 30’s representative the chance to live out his own sporting achievements on the Touch Football field. Having missed the past couple of State Cup events, Peacock is back in 2012 and while he has to leave his team on Saturday afternoon to return for work commitments on Saturday night, if his side is able to progress to the semi finals, he’ll be back tomorrow. We caught up with Peacock on Saturday morning and learnt about his busy schedule, his greatest Touch Football memories and Manly’s chances of taking out the Men’s 30’s State Cup title.Can you tell us a bit about how the Manly 30’s are going so far at the State Cup?The Manly 30’s or the ‘dirty 30’s’ as our football says, we’ve gone ok, a bit of a slow start. We didn’t have a lot of training together which is the problem with a lot of teams, we’re slowly gelling, by the next game we’ll gel and then I’m going leave as I have to go back to work.Have you played at many State Cups before?This is probably my 12th or 13th year, I used to come up for Manly 20’s, I played Manly Open’s and then I was part of the great defection over to Hornsby and played Men’s Open’s for a couple of years and then dropped out a bit with work. I haven’t played for three years, this is my first one in three years, I’ve been playing on and off with the Manly 30’s. We won it in 2008, it was the greatest moment in sporting history, well mine anyway. What do you enjoy about State Cup?The social aspect, everything, it’s such a good weekend, you’re playing with your mates, hanging around with your mates, just having a few laughs, you can bring your family if you want to. My family didn’t come up this time, my wife wanted to go to Homebake, so the kids and her had to stay there. It’s hard working around work and everything like that but just everything about it is good, it is so well organised, the games start on time, the refs do a good job, you can eat food whenever you want and hang out in the tent, everything about it is good. Have you played with some of your teammates for a while, have you progressed through with them?I’ve known them for years. A few of them, we played 20’s together, we started playing when we were 15 or 16, so we’ve known each other for a while. When we went to Hornsby…there were too many quick kids coming through like the Hennessey’s and the Kennedy’s and all that. You have to leave this afternoon, but how do you reckon the team will go for the rest of the tournament?It’s up to them, if they stuff up I’m not coming back tomorrow obviously, so it’s all up to them. So you’ll be coming back?If we make it I’m driving back up tonight for the semi’s, we’re playing Liverpool now and I hop on a plane and then we’ve got two tough games this afternoon, Central Coast and Wallsend. If they stuff up that means I’m going to stay in Sydney and if they don’t, it means I’ve got a sleepless night ahead of me. Is it nice to get away and play in something like this considering your job?It is. I try to play Soccer as well during the season but it’s hard, as long as you clearly accept that you are nowhere near the ability of the best that do the sport and just enjoy it for that, it makes it a lot easier, so I make sure I do that. Do you reckon your team can go the whole way and win the Men’s 30’s title this weekend?Yeah we’ve got a shot, there’s probably three or four or five teams that can maybe win it and we’re one of them. Stay tuned to for the full interview. Related LinksPeacock Hopeful Of State Cup Successlast_img