Anxiety in the air expert talks about the fear of flying

first_imgCALGARY (660 NEWS) – There have been plenty of reports this week about the dangers involved with flying in an airplane, but statistically it’s much safer to fly than to drive a car. That hasn’t stopped a lot of people from talking about their anxiety in the air.This anxiety is all about feeling in control about the situation according to Dr. Ian Shulman who specializes in helping people deal with a fear of flying. Unlike being behind the wheel, when we are on a plane we are forced to trust other people.“Every person that I deal with for the fear of flying knows that flying is safer than driving, and yet they end up saying to themselves or to me ‘yeah I know, but, but, but’ and then they get really scared.”That is why it’s important to ground yourself in reality even when in reality, you’re not on the ground.“Feeling powerless is one of the worst things so a huge element to me helping people to become more confident flyers and just more confident in themselves is to help them tune back into their own strength and power.”He noted it’s important to keep in mind there is no use to worrying about things you can’t control.“There are lots of situations that we get into where we are not really in charge of the situation but we can calm ourselves and we can take charge of our end of things.”Shulman argued some people use diversions to get away from the problem.“You can decide whether you are going to cope or whether you are just going to suffer. A lot of people do that.”He said people often do things like biting their fingernails, which may distract you but doesn’t deal with the problem.While people are often scared while in the plane, Shulman noted people can get anxiety about flying from home too.“I’m watching pixels of light on the screen and I’m sitting in my living room and I am feeling afraid. Is there anything in my living room that is dangerous? No.”He believes taking charge of what you can control and calming yourself down helps.“Bringing yourself back to reality is a really important skill set.”last_img